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Week of 25 Jan
Mon: Navy Aircraft (outline topic 6.3) - see attached file
Tue: Navy Weapons/Quiz
Wed: Uniform Inspection/Current Events
Thur: Navy Mine Warfare (outline topic 6.4) - see attached file
Fri: Drill - armed drill
Week of 19 Jan
Tue: Academic (Navy Weapons)
Wed: Uniform Inspection/Current Events
Thur: Academic (Navy Weapons)
Fri: Drill
Week of 11 Jan
Mon: Academics (Intro to Naval Weapons)
Tue: Drill
Wed: Uniform Inspection
Thur: Academics (Range of Weapons/Aircraft)
Fri: DIstrict In service/Area 6 Rifle Championship (NAHS hosting at White Knoll HS)
Week of 26 Oct
Mon: Academics
Tue: Legal Brief (Guest speaker)
Wed: Uniform Inspection/Current Events
Thur: Academics
Fri: Drill
Week of 19 Oct
Mon: Quiz on shipboard organization
Tue: Academics - Underway watches
Wed: Academics (last day for Q1 current events); watches
Thur: PT
Fri: Drill
Week of 7 Sep
Tue: Academics
Wed: Quiz Review
Thur: Quiz/Drill
Fri: 1st official uniform day/uniform inspection
9-11 - form up by flagpole at 0730 for Remembrance Ceremony
Cookie Dough fundraiser this Thursday, Sep 3rd. Funds will go to individual uniform fees, upcoming field trip costs, and unit events based on items sold. Bring your cell phones, chargers, and phone numbers to sell to family/friends for 1 hour after school. The National Guard will be buying 25 pizzas for all after the event.
Week of 31 Aug
Mon/Tue: Academics (Damage Control)
Wed: Academic/Uniform - Extra Credit
Thur: Bullying/Bystander Intervention
Fri: Drill Practice
Week of 17 Aug 2015
Welcome back to NJROTC!

Schedule for the week:
Mon: Intro
Tue: Uniform Issue (Community service: VA Bingo)
Wed: Bullying/Bystander Intervention training (Forms due - quiz grade; extra credit if turned in earlier)
Thur: NROTC/College preparation
Fri: Drill
Discussion Topics
Course outlines/objectives.
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